Podia Discussions in the Pedagogy Tent


Podia Discussion I                Making Children strong                  16 th of october 2014

School pedagogy

Finding our identity and social behavior

  • Growth in Identity, Alejandra Garcia-Huidobro, Monte Tabor and Nazareth, Santiago, Chile
  • The Bullying Trap, Sr. Daniela, Colegio Mariano, Santiago, Chile
  •  Measures to Create Inclusion, Maite Abollado, Madrid, Spain
  • Strengthening Identity in Community, Sr. Theodore, Vallendar, Germany

Moderation: Pater Francisco Sobral 



Podia Discussion II               Making Teachers Strong                 17 th of october 2014

Pedagogy for schools and universities

  • A Climate of Trust as the Basis of Learning, Lourdes Coronel, Pedagogical Center, Asunción, Paraguay
  • Teacher’s development as the key to learning, Alejandra Grebe, Monte Tabor and Nazareth, Santiago, Chile
  • Self-Management, Adrian Lachner, University Costa Rica
  • Mobilising Values, Pater Carmona, Pedagogical Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Moderation: Pater Raúl Espina



Podia Discussion III       What parents want to know           18 th of october 2014

Pedagogy for families

  • How education for freedom really happens, Dr. Maria und Dr. Stefan Pelz, Germany
    • The role of emotional intelligence, Úzsály Zoli und Dr. Pécsi Rita, Hungary
    • How sexual education can succeed, Dipl.-Ing. Martina und Dipl.-Ing. Bruno Mucha, Austria
    • How disabled children and their families can be strengthened, Dr. Manuela und Dr. Helmut Baumgartner, Münster, Germany

Moderation: Christoph Ewers



Podia Discussion IV             Christian leadership             19 th of october 2014

The “Joseph Kentenich brand” in business and social pedagogy

  • The climate in an institution – pedagogy of movement
    Weihbischof Dr. Michael Gerber, Freiburg, Deutschland
  • A co-operative style of leadership in a business – pedagogy of trust
    Helmut Schröer, Wien, Österreich
  • Because I am never alone – pedagogy of attachments and the covenant
    Nelly Opazo, Maria Ayuda, Santiago,
  • Helping my colleagues to develop – pedagogy of ideals
    Melanie und Ulrich Grauert, Schweiz

Moderation: Virgilio Bacigalupo