The covenant of love unleashes its power at different times and cultures in different ways. Despite this, it is always centred on how Mary bears Christ as the answer to the burning questions of the age.
What Pope Francis said to the young people at the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro we experience in the covenant of love,

"The Gospel is for everyone, not just for a few. It is not only for those who are close to us, who seem more receptive. It is for everyone. Do not be afraid to go out and bring Christ into every milieu. ... The Lord is seeking everyone; He wants everyone to feel the warmth of His mercy and love." (28thJuly 2013)

Today the International Schoenstatt Movement faces the challenge of making the Gospel practical in everyday life and shaping a covenant culture in five particular areas:

  •  Marriage and family life;
  • The challenges and dynamic of the youth;
  • The application and publication of Fr. Kentenich’s thought within theeducational field;
  • The incorporation of our original charism into the diocesan and universal Church;
  • Effective collaboration in the creation of a new social order and aculture inspired by the covenant.

We bring the diversity of our apostolic projects within these five areas to the Jubilee celebrations.

These tents are places to meet, discuss, present, listen to forums, talks and experience the various cultures.