Musical Maria

  • Hungary
  • Youth education

General Information

The Musical Maria is an international project: Germans, Austrians and Hungarians worked on it. The project was started by several families from the Schoenstatt Family Federation.

Mission / Vision

The musical presents the central themes of our faith in an expressive, current and dynamic form, against the backdrop of Sacred Scripture. It tells the story of the lives of Mary and Jesus. It shows how a woman can live in a family, in a marriage. The musical aims to contribute towards the new evangelisation in our country.

Kentenich Pedagogy

Father Kentenich‘s pedagogical environment motivates us in the presentations and the many rehearsals and preparations. “When our youth work on the musical, we know where they are: in a good, youthful, dynamic community. They are dealing with deeply religious subject matter. It is a constant trickle for their souls, even though they may perhaps not be aware of this.”