Kleine Kentenich-Universität Denk- und Lebensschule mit Pater Kentenich

  • Hungary
  • Adult education

General Information

The little Kentenich University works through a correspondence course. The course participants meet for a day four times a year in the Schoenstatt Centre at Óbudavár, and receive new incentives and enthusiasm for their future work.

Mission / Vision

With the foundation of the Little Kentenich University they express their longing and petition to take deeper root in Schoenstatt. They want their thinking, actions and work to share in Fr Kentenich‘s mission and charism.

Kentenich Pedagogy

Studying Father in five steps:

  • The couple read out the Kentenich text paragraph by paragraph.
  • The couple summarise what has been read in their own words.
  • What touched us?
  • What does the text tell us?
  • What can we do in practice?