Starke Stimmen für eine starke Stimme

  • Germany
  • Adult education

General Information

An audio book series with texts from Fr Joseph Kentenich‘s works by young, creative people. We place our voices at Fr Joseph Kentenich‘s disposal, because his words appeal to us! The selection of texts is free and individual. With our names we take responsibility for the text that occupies us, delights us, touches us ...

Mission / Vision

  • Every year since 2009 a new audio book has been produced
  • 6 groups place their voices at Fr Kentenich‘s disposal
  • 90 people look for their favourite text 100 tracks of Kentenich texts connected with people who love him
  • 6x60 minutes of listening to Kentenich – available to everyone!

Kentenich Pedagogy

The trump card is the principle: “Because I like him.”