• Germany
  • Adult education

General Information

Invitations are given to all who are working professionally in the pedagogical field in the Schoenstatt Movement, and/or who want to be involved in this field.

Mission / Vision

To discover Fr Kentenich‘s basic pedagogical objectives and to study them in relation to circumstances today. Exchange. cultivate contact, work on the subject matter, artistic incentives, prayer and recharging one‘s batteries are all on the programme.

  • Subject specialists from the field of pedagogy, psychology, etc. from various sources and from Schoenstatt
  • Group discussions in professional groups: elementary, primary, secondary fields, promotional pedagogy, High School and University, therapists, social pedagogy, remedial education, children and youth, marriage and the family, media education, the pastorate, pedagogy in business

Dr. Gertrud Pollak, Mainz