Mary Matha Schoenstatt Academy

  • India
  • School pedagogy

Información General

The whole beginning of the institution was in the year 2002. As the seminarians of our community had to do their “Abitur”. We saw it as an open-door to cul- tivate the youth and to study with them. This showed a gradual growth and its development shows that our principles are welcoming also for the society in Kera- la - India. At present we had students only for the Pre university courses. Now we have also the university student.

Vision /Mision

Our Mission and Ideals we have formed in the Mot- to “Education through trust and Love”. Through this ideal we expose and help to live the pedagogical prin- ciples, which Fr. Joseph Kentenich developed. We are challenged to invest much time and energy for the personal care of the students. Kentenich’s educati- on is evident in the project. 1. High respect to individual freedom. 2. Make the student able to take up the responsibility. 3. Making a religious atmosphere through devotion to our lady. 4. Making the family itself as school of life through visit and accompaniment. 5. Giving possibilities to develop the personality th- rough cultivation of spirit and not through many rules and regulations.