Fundación en Alianza

  • Paraguay
  • Pedagogical centres

General Information

The Foundation in the Covenant is a charitable organisation that was founded in 1991 by a group of independent professi- onals and entrepreneurs. They are active in various areas of the business community, and feel called to co- operate in changing the country by means of pedagogical projects and programmes that cultivate values, and in this way promote the dignity of men and women in Paraguay.

Mission / Vision

To develop and support programmes and projects in the fields of culture and pedagogy. Preference is given to those projects that provide national coverage, and are designed to improve the quality of life of the people in Paraguay through the acquisiti- on of knowledge, skills and abilities. To promote the educational model that helps the individual to develop a sense of self-worth, to learn to appreciate his or her emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical qualities in a new way, and to become aware of their dignity, rights and duties, so that as children of God they can help to build up a society that takes its bearings from human values.