Fürs Leben erziehen Radiosendung zu Erziehungsfragen

  • Hungary
  • Adult education

General Information

Radio programme for educational questions In 2010 we created twelve programmes. Since 2011 we broadcast twice a month and work mainly with Dr. Rita Pécsi Uzsalyné, a specialist in Fr Kentenich‘s pedagogy.

Mission / Vision

Our aim is to discuss topical and practical educational questions, to look for and pass on answers from Fr Kentenich‘s pedagogy. Our target group is mainly parents and educators, and our aim is to offer them a perspective and support in their everyday challenges in education. Rozi und Péter Zajkás and Erika Varga present the programmes. The most important thing is to pass on life. That is why we regularly invite guest speakers who talk about their experiences, challenges and insights.

Kentenich Pedagogy

With these programmes we want to inform people about Fr Kentenich‘s pedagogy and help them to make use of it in life.