Centro Pedagógico Kentenich

  • Ecuador
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General Information

The Kentenich Pedagogical Centre in Ecuador was founded in 2003 as an answer to the need to train educators in a way that is inspired by Fr Kentenich‘s pedagogy. We are a centre for training and education, with the aim of developing a more human style of leadership that takes its bearings from the currents and needs of our present times.

Mission / Vision

Counselling and supervision of people working in the educational field, by enabling them to develop perspectives, and by passing on knowledge through pedagogical processes, tools and models that are orientated to the development of skills, which in their turn strengthen the self-management of the educator. The Pedagogical Centre offers:

• Talks and seminars

• Prevention programme for youth

• Sale of textbooks.

We see ourselves as suppliers of innovative ways of improving the existing educational system.