Auf einer Wellenlänge

  • Hungary
  • Youth education

General Information

Radio programme for youth preparing for engagement We want to take the Gospel to young people and teach them the way to shape a living relationship.

Mission / Vision

We have observed that young people find it increasingly difficult to build a healthy relationship, because they do not see successful relationships around them. We want to show, by our lives, that it is possible to live a long-term, full and happy engagement and marriage. Perhaps this was the voice of the heart ignited by an email: As Schoenstatt members we were asked in 2010 to host a programme on Radio Maria in Hungary with the theme: Engagment for young people. We spontaneously responded: We‘ll do it.

Kentenich pedagogy

Of course, we didn‘t want to give the youth lots of theory, but to present the topic in the form of an interview. They should feel comfortable and be taken seriously. We want to tell them about life and our experiences, the things that move and inspire us.